How it works

With just one call, redbox+ will deliver our one-of-a-kind exclusively patented combination roll-off dumpster and portable toilet to your jobsite. You simply provide us with the size of dumpster desired, location, when you would like the container delivered, where on the jobsite you’d like the dumpster dropped and we do the rest. Most of our deliveries happen within 24 hours of your call.

When the dumpster is full, simply let us know and we’ll be there to pick-up the container, clean the portable toilet, dispose the materials and return the dumpster fully serviced within the same day. Whether you’re a home builder, remodeler, roofer, window & siding specialist, or commercial contractor, redbox+ will save you time and headaches with your roll-off box rental needs.

You’ve got two services delivered to your site with one call, the roll-off dumpster and portable toilet. Our locally owned and operated redbox+ outlet has the capability and commitment to provide you with the exceptional service you deserve. That’s our promise.

We have been using redbox+ and are very pleased with the product and customer service. The toilet/trash dumpster combo is very convenient on our job sites.


Setup in minutes

When the box is delivered, it is rolled off and ready FAST. The mobile fresh water and waste water tanks on the truck allow the redbox+ driver to set up or service the portable toilet. The redbox+ unit is ready in minutes and your crew has the crucial services they need on site.

On board pump system

The pump system allows the redbox+ driver easy entrance to both portable toilets. The redbox+ driver has the ability to service both toilets with a pump system that is on the truck, eliminating the need for more than one trip to your jobsite.

Ready for pickup

Roll-off is hooked and loaded.  When you have your roll off full and the job complete simply call your locally owned and operated redbox+ provider and they will come and get the unit.  With our patented vac and tank system the driver will service the portable toilet, hook the roll-off and you’re onto the next job.

Job complete

The roll-off is removed from the site. Waste is taken offsite for proper disposal.